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University admission

Every year many international students continue their studies in well-reputed universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. Choosing the right course and getting an offer can be a difficult task for international students.

General English Courses

General English courses are designed according to the highest standards and suitable ...

Combo courses

  • General English course
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Cambridge Exam Preparation courses

At the end of this course students are expected to follow and understand various narratives in English both in the form of publications and audio materials.
So, I am from Rome and I want to say that I am so proud of this school. The teacher is very patient, professional and thorough and I have learnt enough to pass from A1 to B2. The staff have always shown themselves to be capable and more than willing to help with any problem, which meant a lot to me being far from home and not knowing anyone in London. This school helped me to improve my language so much. It's great and unique. I love it. I suggest it. You can't miss it.  :) :)
Roberta, Italy