I've had a blast going to this amazing school. I was lucky to meet such an incredible group of teachers and had a chance to be a part of welcoming, international environment. I've met lovely people and improved my English as much as I possibly could. I can't recommend it enough, it's definitely worth every single penny. Thank you
Bára, Czech Republic
So, I am from Rome and I want to say that I am so proud of this school. The teacher is very patient, professional and thorough and I have learnt enough to pass from A1 to B2. The staff have always shown themselves to be capable and more than willing to help with any problem, which meant a lot to me being far from home and not knowing anyone in London. This school helped me to improve my language so much. It's great and unique. I love it. I suggest it. You can't miss it.  🙂 🙂
Roberta, Italy
It is a really good school to improve your English and to prepare for the exam. I am so happy!
Beatriz, Spain
It is a really nice school. All the teachers are really good and you get very well prepared for the exam. I really like additional activities like the musicals and day trips.
Mara, Germany
I really like the attitude of this school. The classes are fun and useful. I feel that my level of english is better now and I can say that just after a month and a half. I would recommend this school to everyone!
Miriam, Czech Republic
I am so happy with the academy and my experience is: awesome, fun and useful.
Mar, Spain